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        Season with authority,
        Marc Murphy's debut cookbook, is on sale now!
        Marc shares his favorite, time-honored recipes for the first time in Season with Authority: Confident Home Cooking. Order your copy today!
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        12 years ago we opened Ditch Plains in the West Village, and since then we’ve had the distinct pleasure of serving so many neighbors and friends. From our now infamous Ditch Dog (created from a simple mismunication in the kitchen) to our lobster rolls and our epic bloody mary’s, we’ve celebrated with you, we’ve cheered our favorite teams on with you, we’ve nursed hangovers together and we’ve created a few, too. We rode a great, long wave with you and we’re so proud to have been such an integral part of an incredible and vibrant neighborhood for so long.

        So it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closing of Ditch Plains. Many of you already know that running a business in New York City is being increasingly challenging, and Ditch is no exception. After lengthy negotiations we are not able to stay in the space. While we are still actively looking for a new home, our last day of service on Bedford Street is?Sunday, February 25th. Stay in touch for our next wave!

        West Village

        29 Bedford Street
        at Downing Street
        New York, NY 10014
        P (212) 633-0202

        Hours CLOSED

        Make a Reservation

        About Ditch Plains

        Ditch Plains is a simple yet stylish New York-style oyster bar & fish shack that pays homage to Marc Murphy’s first longboard triumph in Montauk. The restaurant’s mood is aquatic, evoking a sense of casual cool while surpassing all design and culinary standards.

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        The Team

        Ditch Plains is that rare mixture of awesome surfer bar, fantastic NY-style fish shack, casual Sunday brunch spot and perfect party place. General Manager Johnny Ciccarelli is at the helm, ensuring that everyone who walks through our door is guaranteed a great time.

        Meet Marc Murphy

        Part worldly epicure, part laid-back surfer, Marc Murphy fell in love with French and Italian cuisine during a childhood spent living throughout Europe. He went on to work in some of the most highly esteemed kitchens in the world from Paris to Monte Carlo and today is one of New York’s most celebrated chefs.

        Meet Marc

        Plan your event

        With its festive atmosphere and delicious menu, Ditch Plains is the perfect place for your next business meeting, birthday party or wedding reception. Let’s start planning it.

        Sample Menu

        Press Inquiries
        Scott Feldman
        Two Twelve Management
        15 Watts Street
        New York, NY 10013
        P (212) 925-5300
        Emily Karpin
        Director of munications
        Benchmarc Restaurants
        by Marc Murphy
        111 West 17th Street, #3
        New York, NY 10011
        P (212) 625-8279
        Pamela Schein Murphy
        Branding, Marketing + PR
        Benchmarc Restaurants
        by Marc Murphy
        111 West 17th Street, #3
        New York, NY 10011
        P (212) 625-8261
        Emily Karpin
        Director of munications
        Benchmarc Restaurants
        by Marc Murphy
        111 West 17th Street, #3
        New York, NY 10011
        P (212) 625-8279


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